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Debbie Connick
Jan 22, 2023
In Share Your Memory
Tim ❤️… I have SO MANY beautiful memories. Including this, from the funnies section of my memories. Early in Nancy and Tim’s marriage, Dale and I visited with them at Waskesiu. One evening, Tim was barbecuing pork chops, and one of the chops fell onto the ground. Tim said, “that one’s mine”. There had been a skunk living under their cabin, and sometime after supper, Tim came out of the bathroom, staggering and frothing at the mouth (shaving cream froth). In their heyday, Tim and Dale were thick as thieves. Nancy, you will certainly remember their night-before-Thanksgiving hijinks. Late that night, at a shindig at the residence of persons-unnamed, they disappeared, and Nancy and Debbie went home without them. The story goes they drove out to dad’s farm to pick vegetables from Tim’s garden. We called and found them in the morning. Dale had slept in the house; Tim was asleep in his canoe in a shed. Another adventure. Tim and Dale took some of our kids to Whitefish to ski. They couldn’t get enough of it, and on the last day of skiing, they stayed at the hill. Until. It. Closed. A red-eye drive home ensued. Also, their nearly-perfect, nearly-disastrous, in-hindsight-comedic, New Year’s Eve fireworks. And we’ll never forget the infamous ringette game when Tim and Dale were kicked out of the team’s box for displaying dissatisfaction with the refs.

Debbie Connick

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